Our "Meiryo" is a Thermal Barrier sheet. It is used to cover the outside (or inside) of the greenhouses for agriculture. It efficiently reflects infrared rays, the heat source, and allows visible light to pass through, which is necessary for photosynthesis for plant growth. This makes the inside of the house brighter and cooler. That's right. The word "MEIRYO" means "bright" and "cool". We hope you actually use it and feel it for yourself.

Specification of MEIRYO

  • Thermal Barrier

    It lowers the temperature inside the house by reflecting the infrared rays that are the heat source.
  • Workability

    Visible light transmittance is about 80% at Meiryo 20, 70% at Meiryo 30 and 50% at Meiryo 50. It is lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Durability

    Contains an anti INFRARED degradation agent for excellent durability.
  • Breathability

    Net construction with an opening ratio of approximately 40%. It has adequate ventilation.
  • Shape Stability

    No elongation or shrinkage. The intersections of the threads are thermally bonded and there is no shifting of the cut surface even when processed with scissors.

Product Line-up

  • Meiryo


    Original size: (width) 2.1m x (length) 100m, weight approx. 10kg.
    We usually fold it to 1m wide for delivery. We can prepare width and length according to your request (processing fee not included).

  • Meiryo 30

    Meiryo 30

    【Shading rate: 30%】Ideal for growing tomatoes, strawberries, mangos, foliage and flowers.

  • Meiryo 50

    Meiryo 50

    【Shading rate: 50%】High shading grade, ideal for shading in extremely hot areas.

  • Teru Teru

    Teru Teru

    The highly diffuse reflective sheet allows the blessings of the sun to be fully applied to crops. Cuts off 99% of infrared rays and has reflectivity of visible light rays more than 80%. Also it has merits of preventing unevenness of color and color burn, and avoiding pests.

  • Example Use of "Meiryo"

    Example of "Meiryo" interior lining

    Asparagus farmer in Kochi prefecture

  • Example Use of "Meiryo"

    Example of "Meiryo" exterior lining

    Asparagus farmer in Miyazaki prefecture



Meiryo's customer has been featured in website "My Navi" (Japanese). Click the photo to go to the article.

  • Strawberries

    Strawberries - Solve the problem of High Temperature

    Hinoshizuku, born in Kumamoto prefecture, is said to be "the most delicious strawberry in Japan". Each strawberry is wrapped in a cushioning material and sold in a black box. Big size, slightly larger than an egg, and its sweet, melting texture have captured the hearts of consumers. Strawberries have a weakness for heat, and requires careful management of temperature and water in the greenhouse from seedling growth to harvest. "Meiryo" reduces the amount of work for strawberry farmers and helps to increase the yield of strawberries.
  • Fire Lilies

    Fire Lilies - Helps the World's No.1 Flower to glow

    Due to its unique beauty, Fire Lilies are popular among florists around the world and is said to be native to Africa. In 2002, Fire Lilies raised in Sanri area of Kochi prefecture has won the Grand Prix at the International Flower Trade Show, the world's largest trade show, held in the Netherlands, and is now attracting attention from around the world as the "Sanri Brand". "Meiryo" surpasses the conventional wisdom of shading nets, contributes to the quality of the world's best flowers.
  • Mango

    Mangoes ~ Protecting the Delicate Fruit

    The farmers of the high-class mango "Tamago of the Sun" in Kushma city, Miyazaki prefecture are also using "Meiryo". Mangoes are a tropical fruit and must be grown in greenhouses, even in the warm climate of Kushima city. The main reason for this is temperature control. Mango trees are very delicate plants and farmers need to pay attention to temperature control even when they are not bearing fruit, such as ventilating and heating the greenhouses."Meiryo" was introduced in 2019 and since then, farmers have been experiencing the benefits.

Gets Sunshine, but Cool!

Sunlight is essential for crops. However, the scorching sunshine provides a harsh environment for both workers and crops. We, Nissin Shoji (Thailand) Co., Ltd. offer you "Meiryo", which are magic sheets that allow sunlight to pass through for photosynthesis (Gets Sunshine), while at the same time cutting out the source of heat (But Cool). 3 years since it was first introduced in Thailand in 2017, it has become an indispensable thermal barrier sheet for smart agriculture in Thailand and has been supported by many customers, including the Thai Royal Projects. We, Nissin Shoji (Thailand) Co. Ltd. established in 2017, is a Thai subsidiary of Nissin Shoji Co., Ltd. which has slogan of "Utilizing the power to move things, and continue to pursue values that move people's hearts" since 1950.
Managing Director Kei Komotori  

In front of the Royal Carriage used by His Majesty the former King Bhumibol Adulyadej during his visit to the Royal Project.

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In December 2017, we, NISSIN SHOJI (THAILAND) CO,.LTD. was established for selling industrial materials and functional chemicals in Thailand. And not only in Thai but also in neighbor countries, as Malaysia and Indonesia, we propose heat shield and insect repellent products essential for agriculture. We will continue help industry develop with policies of “persistence” “sincerity” and “understanding customer needs”.


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